Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Last night I was only able to watch two of the Thursday Night shows because I went to see a concert and David Byrne was there and he said “excuse me” to me twice and the second time he touched me on the shoulder. It’s like whatever, pretty much? I’m not trying to say anything about it, I just didn’t want to seem like I was being flakey about the shows. You know. W/e. Anyway, I thought Community was good! Dare I say the SECOND BEST episode of this season so far?! Yes. I’m really enjoying the Troy/repairman plot line. Britta was spot on for the entire episode. The only disappointing part was that I thought Pierce’s father was Martin Short for a second when I first saw him, but then it turned out that it wasn’t Martin Short. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Very good other than that, though. Parks and Recreation was the worst. By that I mean: It was the best! But boy. I do not want to have to watch Ben date someone other than Leslie. That is going to be rough. Ugh, and the ending? When she told him that the romantic part of their relationship was over? Ugh. Too much. At least the April and Andy bucket list plot line made up for how terrible I was feeling — that was very sweet. And it was a lead-in to their new Parks and Recreation “Road Trip” webisodes! Yay! “No thinking, just stupid.” It was also cute when Tom’s ex-girlfriend kissed him at the end. Lots of cute stuff in this episode (also: end of the world people), but not enough to have left me with a heart that wasn’t broken. BEN! So, what about you guys? All broken hearts? Did someone get fired on The Office? Was it a character that never existed until that episode, like they did in Season Two or whenever? Tell me, I’m dying to know since I was unable to watch it because David Byrne had to say “excuse me” to me twice.