Father Daughter Dance Medley Will Restore Your Faith In Marriage, Or At Least In Dancing

It has been a pretty rough week when it comes to the marriage. Everyone got divorced! I can’t imagine a ROUGHER week for marriage than the week that everyone got divorced. Just last week everyone was totally fine and happy, and even though some of us were probably still reeling from the Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore divorce, we could go to sleep at night knowing that at least a few people were still toughing it out. But not anymore. Or — ANYMORE?!?! That was a pretty good moment and I should probably just show the video now, but I would first like to admit that, yes, this video has nothing to do with the husband and probably doesn’t say a whole lot about what the couple’s marriage is going to be like. So sue me about it! Why don’t you sue me? I don’t have anything that you want but yeah sure go ahead and sue me about it. This is a video of the father daughter dance and you only ever see the husband for like one second at the beginning, but whatever. Who even cares. It is the best and no marriage that begins with a father daughter dance that is this great could ever end in divorce. And it looks like such a lovely wedding. Let’s say, if this couple gets divorced THEN you can sue me. Good luck.

Awwwww. SEE? Do you see now that marriage can work sometimes? All it takes is an adorably choreographed father daughter dance medley at your reception. I have a lot of favorite things about this video, of course, but near the top of my favorite things list is definitely how the bride is NOT wearing a strapless wedding dress. What’s the deal with strapless wedding dresses? Why does everybody wear those? A lot of the time it just looks like the bride is going to a prom and picked out a bad prom dress. “You certainly have a lot of opinions on wedding dresses for someone who is NEVER GOING TO BE MARRIED.” is what I imagine a beautiful bride in a beautiful strapless wedding dress would say to me right now. Fair point. Wear whatever you want. #fashiongum #fashionexpert (Via TastefullyOffensive.)