The Chicken Fiddler Is Just Very Good At What She Does

You have to try a lot of things out before you figure out what you’re good at. That is a fact of life. When I was young, for instance, I thought I was going to be a very good actress. So I would wear lots of dresses and I refused to cut my hair, because what if I needed long hair for a specific role? If I needed short hair they could always cut it, but certainly they couldn’t GROW it if I needed long hair. So I kept my hair long. Simple enough. It turns out, though, that I am not an actress. In fact, I am very bad at acting. Who knew! Then I wanted to be a 12-year-old music journalist, and to be honest it was only because I heard someone else say they wanted to be it once, but I held onto that for a while and it at least came a little bit closer to what I am, which is obviously just a NORMAL journalist, but that is absolutely enough about me. What I’m trying to get to is: I wonder when the chicken fiddler found out she was SO GOOD at playing fiddle while clucking like a chicken and that it was the only thing she was ever meant to do and she needed to keep doing it forever and if she ever did anything else it would be an insult to each of the chicken and fiddle communities because she is wasting so much talent?!

I hesitate to make any assumptions, but it seems like she must have developed the two talents individually. I don’t think that she insisted on clucking while taking fiddle lessons, but you never know? I certainly do not know. I guess that is part of her appeal. You don’t know what she tried before clucking like a chicken while playing fiddle. You didn’t see her struggle, and you have no footage of her failures. Only her MAJOR successes. Like this one. Great job, Lisa! Your thing is chicken. (Via VVV.)