James Franco Becoming Parody Of Something At This Point

James Franco will be taking part in some sort of performance art festival this month, naturally, and when you hear what he has lined up for his part of the event you will just be like, “Of course that is what he has planned. He is James Franco after all and this IS a performance art festival, sooooooo.” From the Hollywood Reporter:

On Sunday, November 13, James Franco and video artist Laurel Nakadate will perform Three Artists in Search of Tennessee, a three-part commissioned piece in which the pair will lead a seance to talk to the late playwright Tennessee Williams through a Ouija board. In part two, female actresses will audition for the part of Laura in The Glass Menagerie. And for the third act, male actors will audition for the part of Tom. Franco will play the “Gentleman Caller.” Performance at noon at the Abrons Art Center, 466 Grand St. For those who can’t make it, the performances will be viewable afterward on art website

So, just to clarify: James Franco is hosting a seance of Tennessee Williams with a Ouija Board, and then conducting a contest to do a reading of The Glass Menagerie with ghosts from the audience or something. Does it matter? You might as well just describe it this way: James Franco will be somewhere. The guy is becoming a parody of something at this point. It’s not a parody of himself, because he is/was a very famous and successful minor-heartthrob actor. And I can’t really think of another actor who behaves this way. He’s kind of becoming a parody of, like, what a “downtown” New York actor would be like in a movie about the Rapture co-written by Bill O’Reilly and Kelsey Grammer. The movie would be called Look Out Pinheads! and James Franco would play himself. OF COURSE.