Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Charlie Day is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, which is very exciting, and the promos have been released! Hooray! Maroon 5 is the musical guest! That stinks! That band stinks! I wish I were a better band, but hey you can’t always get everything you want in life and the Charlie Day part is pretty exciting so I guess let’s just let it go! -Buzzfeed
  • Here is a supercut of shots looking straight down from the ceiling in movies. I had no idea that was a thing I wanted to watch, but then it was! -LaughingSquid
  • Hugh Jackman was on Conan last night, pretending to be Conan. Did anyone try to get Conan tickets for while he’s in NYC? Did anyone GET those tickets for real? I did, and I didn’t. Booooo. -GotchaMedia
  • Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard are (maybe) going to be playing Linda Lovelace and Linda Lovelace’s husband, respectively, in a Linda Lovelace biopic. Neat! Not bad. Right? That’s what I have to say about the casting job. “Not bad.” Interesting! -FilmDrunk
  • If you weren’t worried enough about using ATMs because you’re not sure if skimmers are a thing to worry about anymore, don’t worry, because here is a video of a snake coming out of an ATM. So I guess just remember that there always could be someone taking all of your money, or a snake, or probably an AIDs needle, and at least some type of bug or germ just waiting for you while you take out your cash. Hooray! -TheDailyWhat
  • Weston Cage got a divorce, too. Why isn’t anyone talking about Weston Cage’s divorce? Helloooo? Is anyone’s BRAIN there? -TheSuperficial
  • Here is a guy shoving 18 quarters up his nose. Pretty cool, right? Pretty cool. QUICK, HOW MANY DOLLARS IS THAT? Fourish! The answer is fourish, you were too slow. -Dlisted
  • Michelle Williams says she’s going to keep her hair short as a memorial to Heath Ledger, who liked her hair short. Aw jeeze. -Celebuzz
  • It was just Penn Badgley’s 25th birthday. Did you get him anything? What did you get him? What do you get the man who has EVERYTHING, I guess that’s the question. I got him a picture of Serena Van Der Woodson’s body with my head pasted onto it and I named it “Nate.” Pretty good, right? I’ve a very good gift-giver. -JustJared
  • Salmon Rushdie wrote a pretty good limerick about the Kardashian divorce. You should read it. You can read it here, at Salon. Also, I cannot think of Salmon Rushdie without thinking of Sal Bass from Seinfeld. Is that true for everybody? -Salon