Operation Watch This: Jon Ronson’s On-Line Documentary About Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Jon Ronson is a journalist and radio essayist and maybe you have read one of his books? They are good books! Read ‘em. (This guy knows.) He has done a couple of pieces on This American Life that are some of my favorite pieces on This American Life. He is so dry and funny and British. Anyway, he after the jump is part one (out of who knows how many parts! Exciting!) of an on-line documentary in which he traces the herstory of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” meeting with one of Rebecca Black’s best friends who appears in the music video, and then meeting with Patrice Wilson, the dude from Ark Music Factory who wrote the song, who seems to think he’s a genius, which I don’t know, maybe he is, but the very best part is when he WRITES A SONG FOR JON RONSON (no spoilers). It’s a very good song and you’re definitely going to put it on your Zune because of how good it is. Fall jamz, I’m sure. Watch:

I could watch Jon Ronson make an on-line documentary about the PHONE BOOK. (Similarly, I bet Patrice Wilson would love to write a song about the phone book.) (Thanks for the tip, Chris Trash.)