The Future Of Live Entertainment

The YouTube description on this video reads: “Two cams, anything goes, you decide. The future of live entertainment.” I don’t understand the first part, but I do understand the second part, and it’s hard to argue with.

Traditionally, when people talk about the future of entertainment they’re either talking about something that is the present of entertainment (a slightly thinner television set) or they are talking about some soot-smudged dystopian nightmare. This presents another option. Maybe the future isn’t The Hunger Games, or all the books and movies and short stories that The Hunger Games ripped off (Battle Royale, Blade Runner, Hard Target, The Long Walk, The Condemned, Gamer, etc times a million) that make you realize that it’s kind of annoying that The Hunger Games is so successful when it is also so derivative. No, maybe the future of entertainment isn’t a grim, blood-soaked product of intractable class warfare. Maybe it’s just this. Dancing with swords and switchblades to an up-tempo beat while grandma sips her beer and thinks about the day she’ll once again meet her beloved Franklin on the other side. I hope so, because that future looks GREAT! (Thanks for the tip, Mike and Frank.)