Horse Yoga, No Duh

People are like, Hey Trish, what’s new? And she’s like, Oh, you know, same old stuff. Just working on my horse yoga. Horse yoga? Yeah, you know. Well, Trish, no wait, sorry, maybe I’m an idiot or something, but I guess I don’t know. What’s horse yoga? Oh! I feel like we already talked about this. Yeah, I do yoga on a horse. It’s kind of my whole thing these days. What do you mean, you “do yoga on a horse?” Well, you know what a horse is, right? Yes, Trish, I know what a horse is. And you know what yoga is, right? You’re being a little patronizing at this point, Trish. Well, I do yoga on a horse. OK. You sound skeptical. Maybe a little, I don’t know. I’m having trouble picturing it I guess. But that’s great. Good for you. Horse yoga. Now who is the one being patronizing? Fair enough. So, what, you put on spandex tights and you light a candle and you lay the horse out in a dance studio and do yoga? Don’t be ridiculous. I wear a suit of armor with a cape and I do yoga on the back of a horse in a horse…ring, or whatever those are called. In absolute silence. In the middle of the day. You know, horse yoga. Forgive me if I’m being obtuse, it’s just that– Oh for heaven’s sake, just watch this video of me doing horse yoga.

Oh, OK, Trish, I see now. Horse yoga. Of course. (Via DailyWhat. Thanks for the tip, basattak.)