There Is A World Other Than This One (“Top Gun Babies”)

I don’t know about you, but I’m perfectly content that Halloween is over. It’s fine. If anything, Halloween was extra long this year. A full Halloween weekend AND a Halloween Monday? Get out of Ghost Town. And the way that adults behave on Halloween sometimes it is like are you even adults or WHUT?! Let me put it this way, if you are ever curious whether or not your Halloween behavior is becoming of a young man or woman such as yourself, imagine that right before you’re about to go do whatever it is that you’re about to go do, wearing whatever it is that you are wearing, imagine that you have to go into Coach Taylor’s office for a second to ask him about this week’s game. He’d be all like. All of that being said, there is another world that one can imagine where children are always dressed up in hilarious and cute costumes even when it is not Halloween, which you know is the way they think things should be anyway. (Maybe in this world Halloween is the one day of the year when children DON’T dress up. I don’t know. Use your imagination.) That world, somewhere out there in the inky depths of Brian Greene’s swiss cheese multi-verse, is ADORABLE. (Via SayOMG.)