The Classic “Exploding Pumpkin” Science Lesson

One time during sophomore year of high school my science teacher brought in dry ice, and some dummy in my class burned his hand on it. We were all pretty much 35-year-olds at the time, so I don’t remember what our teacher was trying to teach us with dry ice, and more importantly I have no idea how someone could’ve been such a dummy to TOUCH the dry ice and injure himself. Ugh. BOYS. “Highschool boys,” right? Just forever the dumbest. Anyway my point is, the kids in this video sound like they’re much younger than we were at that time and it looks like none of them were injured during this very dangerous looking science lesson. So. BRAVO! Unless the cut-outs of the pumpkin flew into some of their faces, disfiguring them for the rest of their lives, and we don’t see it just because the video ends. That may absolutely be the case! It looks like that may be the case. I hope you’re ok, kids! Happy Halloween!