Woman Responds To Marriage Proposal Like A True Lady

Ladies like me are always complaining about how hard it is to find a real gentleman these days (someone to open all of your whatevers and cut up your dinner), but something you hear a lot less about is how it’s almost impossible, in 2011, to find a real lady. Where have all the ladies gone?! In the old days it seemed like you couldn’t throw a handkerchief without it landing on the covered head of a lady with gloves on who had an almost English accent and who would tilt her head a little when you spoke to her, and who was super annoying about table manners and knew when to speak in hushed tones, and whose hair was always perfectly fake looking, even at nighttime. These days you’d be lucky to find a woman with gloves on at all! Oh, how terrible it must be for the modern man. That is why this particular video struck me so much — a woman reacting to a marriage proposal the way all men WISH their girlfriend would. (A 100% real man fact, ladies.) Finally, a little lady chivalry. Guys, tell your girls to come to the computer screen. Girls, tell your girls to come to the computer screen. You’re all about to get LADY SCHOOLED!

YES! Straight up hit the floor. Nothing like a good lady faint to show your guy that you really care. “But what if I just don’t faint?” you’re probably wondering. “Can I still be a lady if I don’t faint naturally? Is there ANY way?” Well, the answer is basically no. But you can always fake a faint? Listen. No one is going to judge you for faking a little faint when your boyfriend asks for your hand in marriage in front of your surprise party (that you seemed to have at least suspected, if not full-on known about). It’s called MANNERS. You’ll figure it out for yourself at some point, I’m sure. For now you’ll just have to trust me. Also always wear gloves and never eat when someone is watching! Sneak bites when they blink! #LADYTIPS! (Via VVV.)