Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I love Halloween episodes of shows! The only thing better than a Halloween episode of a show is a Christmas episode of a show! And the only thing better than a Christmas episode of a show is an episode of a show that is just a stand-out good episode without having a gimmick attached! That being said, last night’s Halloween episodes were not the best Halloween episodes I’ve ever seen. Community was fine, and I like the idea of having each character tell their own Halloween story, but how it was carried out — especially considering how it was surrounded by the idea of Britta finding the personality test psycho — kind of felt rushed, or at least not thought out enough. Parks and Recreation was fine too, but I wasn’t really into the Entertainment 720 plot, and was only kind of confused when Aziz had that nice Lesie Knope tribute video all along. I know it’s a comedy, but, What? What a weird twist! The parts that took place at the Aubrey Plaza party were great, though. The Office was also just fine. Loved the Jesse costume. There were two funny lines. One of them was when Pam said, “Dwight, are you eating a stick?” The other oneeeee I forget. I’m sure you remember, though. Wasn’t that funny?! LOL. Whitney was perfect as usual. I loved It’s Always Sunny. It was very loud and weird, but I loved it WHAT CAN I SAY. More importantly, what can you guys say? About these things?