This Week In GIFs

BOOOOOOO! Boo! Ghosts! Ahh! Boo! Were you scared just now? That was a pretty scary succession of words I just typed so if you were scared you should NOT be ashamed. Anyway, it’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for a million GIFs! Yay! And this week it also means that it’s time for a million Halloween things that you may or may not enjoy doing! I hope you enjoy them though! It comes once a year, just try to have fun with it, why not! You know what else comes once a year? The final game of the World Series! I’m almost 100% sure that that is on tonight! The Phillies aren’t in it I guess? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PHILLIES?! Anyway, so: GIFs. Because we’re entering Halloweekend, you should be on the lookout for some extra spooooooky GIFs lurking around where you’ll never suspect them! (With the other GIFs!) SO SCARY! ENTER IF YOU DARE! BOO!

There was a new episode and recap of The Walking Dead!

We talked about How To Make It In America for a second!

Ashton Kutcher opened a dialogue about something!

We talked about different strategies for handling the Harry Potter DVD shortage!

We heard the final song!

The Happening is happening!

Aubrey Plaza said a neg about Ryan Gosling, but WHAT WAS IT?!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!