This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

NO SPOILERS but there is a very good trailer in this week’s bunch of trailers. Holy cow. Like, there is a new Mission Impossible trailer, and that movie looks good, and then there are a couple of other trailers that are fine or whatever, no big deal, but wait until you get to this one trailer at the end, it’s great! I’m serious. You’ll see.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Guys, I’m not even going to watch this trailer because I’m already totally on board with this movie, and I watched the first trailer, so I’d rather not have any more information. I just want to enjoy myself for once in my life. Was it good? Was the trailer good? Don’t even tell me that. I said I don’t want to know. Hush now.

The Lorax

So, this movie is not for us. And that’s fine. And even if it kind of does make you a little sad because the original Lorax movie was pretty good already and this one looks a little more slapsticky (and what is the ecological message about bears eating marshmallows that fall from the sky?) but also kids these days don’t want to watch that old shit. Give them the new shit! And that is fair enough. I felt the same way, and still basically do. Also, Danny Devito actually does make for a very funny Lorax voice, and Jenny Slate does a voice in this too, so A++ hands down.

In the Land of Blood and Honey

So this is the first movie directed by Angelina Jolie, and it looks fine. Serbia! War! Love! Clean sheets! Snow! Etc! But what is up with that title card? “From writer/director Angelina Jolie”? No. How about “Written and directed by Angelina Jolie.” Let us not get ahead of ourselves, title card.

Into the Abyss

Holy cow, this movie looks very good. That’s all there is to even say about that. (On a sidenote: I don’t have an iPhone 4s, but I hope by the time I get another phone that they have upgraded this Siri thing to talk to you in Werner Herzog’s voice.)