Best New Party Game 59: How Did Aubrey Plaza “Neg” Ryan Gosling?

This is an interesting Best New Party Game because it’s time sensitive and a real answer exists not very far beyond our reach! Is everyone’s blood pumping? Kind of like you took maybe too much daytime cold medicine and drank too much tea that you thought didn’t have caffeine in it? And now you’re totally ready to play a Best New Party Game?! FANTASTIC! So, Aubrey Plaza is included in a “Hot Hollywood” feature in next month’s edition of Rolling Stone. A few scans from the article exist online currently, but one is cut off at a VERY important moment! From Warming Glow:

Aubrey Plaza negged Ryan Gosling hard one time, but she swears she didn’t mean to. “I was at this juice bar, and he came in,” the Parks and Recreation star recalls at a softball diamond in Encino, California, where members [Cont. on p. 62]

Nooooooooooooooo! WHAT WAS THE HARD NEG? I’m sure the answer will exist online at some point in the near future, but I cannot wait that long! I need to know now! So if we all guess I’m almost 100% sure that, by the laws of guessing, one of us will have predicted the correct neg. So let’s get started! I’ll go first.

  • “I was at this juice bar, and he came in and I said, ‘Do you want to get ahead of me in line? It looks like you need some juice.’ I didn’t know it was him! He looked awful. So embarrassing.”
  • “I was at this juice bar, and he came in and I heard him order a juice and I said, ‘Is that your real accent?’ And he got offended. But I swear I just wanted to know if it was his real accent! It’s a good accent. I’m a big fan.”
  • “I was at this juice bar, and he came in and started talking to me so I said, ‘Hey, is it weird being so beautiful, yet having people hate you so much because of how annoying you are?’ Haha, saying it back like that I can see why he was offended. I really was just trying to let him know that I thought he was beautiful, though.”
  • “I was at this juice bar, and he came in and I noticed it was him, so I went up and told him I liked his work. He said he liked mine too, which was so nice, so I said, ‘Haha, I was just kidding. I haven’t seen any movies you were in. I mean, I’ve seen trailers and you look fine in the trailers. I’m just trying to say that I haven’t actually seen your movies, I was just doing a thing.’ Sometimes I just…ah, I don’t know! I just can’t stop myself.”
  • “I was at this juice bar, and he came in and I was like, ‘Do you own the jacket from Drive still?’ And he was like, Yeah. And I was like, ‘Oh, weird. You didn’t want to get rid of that?’ It sounded much worse when I said it out loud than I thought it would.”
  • “I was at this juice bar, and he came in and I was like, ‘I used to think you weren’t good looking because your eyes were so close together, but now I totally get how so many people think you’re good looking.'”

Ahhh, I DON’T KNOW! It could very easily be one of those, but it could also be any number of other hard negs. What do you think the hard neg was?! We need to figure out the hard neg!!