Who Should Replace Will Smith In Independence Day Two & Three?

It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone this long without a second and third installment of Independence Day, our nation’s premiere alien fighting/on TV on the fourth of July movie. That movie came out in 1996! There have been at least about 45 “Independence Days” since then, and each of them had to come and go without its own installment of Independence Day. Just when you thought you could trust Hollywood to give you everything you needed, you have to go and be reminded of how they only ever made one Independence Day movie. Well, NOT ANYMORE! They’re going to make two more of them! Hoorayyyy. But there is one kind of big problem, from the A.V. Club:

The deal remains stymied by Will Smith’s exorbitant, $50 million asking price to come and punch more aliens in the face, along with his other, more recent demands such as strict control over the script (as seen in the recent stagnation on Men In Black III), and finding parts in the movie for wife Jada and daughter Willow.

Well, come on! Obviously you gotta get Willow in there. Do they even make movies without Willow Smith in them anymore? Maybe whoever’s in charge here should hit the showers and let the real Mr. Hollywoods (the entire Smith family) do what they do best (feed their lives into the fame machine). But, in the case that they don’t find SOME kind of role for Willow and Jada (daughter and wife?), WHO SHOULD THEY GET TO REPLACE WILL? 

Aaron Paul: Aaron Paul has already proven himself as a sympathetic, multi-dimensional actor who would, I’m sure, have no problem killing aliens in one scene, loving his wife in another scene, and then arguing with the president about whatever in another scene. All very believable. All very handsome. I’d already like AT LEAST two tickets. “They’re ALIENS. And they’re going to KILL. US.” – Aaron Paul, Independence Day 2 and 3. (Also Walt should be the president.)

Willow Smith: Willow Smith has already proven herself to be an actress whose talent stretches far beyond her ears YEARS. Far beyond her years. And if Will Smith is going to be such a baby about all of it, why not just give him what he wants, right? Just put Willow Smith in there. Give her a great role. Give her the best role. Give her his role. Willow Smith IS Will Smith IN Independence Day.

Jada Pinkett-Smith: Kind of the same as the last one, to be honest. If Will Smith wants Jada in Independence Day sooooo bad, just give her his role. And then he’s out of the movie. And you still have a Smith in the movie. And who even cares, right? Who even cares about any of it. Certainly not Will Smith, who is so intent on DESTROYING EVERYTHING.

Jaden Smith: Uh, WHY DIDN’T WILL DEMAND THAT JADEN WAS IN THE MOVIE? Because he’s nervous? He’s nervous that Jaden is going to take over his legacy before he’s even done with it? Well, maybe he should be. Maybe Jaden should take all the roles meant for Will Smith right away. Hollywood was meant for the young, OLD MAN. Your time is up!

That should teach Will Smith a lesson. You can’t get everything you want when you’re reviving a decade and a half old movie. You can only get some of the things you want. Or probably everything you want? Probably he will get everything he wants. #arronpaulforwillsmith