Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Last night on Gossip Girl, Serena leaked a false story to Deadline that screwed Dan out of getting his best-selling novel adapted by Harvey Weinstein, LONG STORY. And today Ms. Deadline thanked them for the shout-out. Gossip Girl is still waiting on a thank you from Harvey Weinstein. -Deadline
  • Want Rob Corddry to walk you through the third season of Children’s Hospital? The only answer is yes! -A.V. Club
  • Haha, the best part about this interview with Eugene Mirman is the writer describing how he had to find Eugene Mirman before the interview. But then the interview is also good. Eugene Mirman, ladies and gentleman. -Splitsider
  • Herman Cain’s smoking Chief of Staff, Mark Block, attempted to explain his weird smoking campaign video. Just Block bein’ Block. “Smoooooookin.” -TheDailyWhat
  • Kim Kardashian tweeted the number to call Dancing With the Stars and vote for her brother Rob, claiming that it was Justin Bieber’s phone number. How many of you were fooled? All? -TheSuperficial
  • Apparently there are Jennifer Aniston engagement and pregnancy rumors? Well, call off your private investigators, you bunch of ROSSES. She isn’t either one. Rachel’s totally up for grabs. -Celebuzz
  • Peanut butter man. -Dlisted
  • Nicole Kidman redesigned her website, FINALLY. I had it as my homepage forever but it was always like, c’mon Nicole, when the F are you gonna update this thing. Finally I had to change it to default homepage, but I never stopped checking the site at least 3rd or 4th after I booted up. -JustJared
  • Which of these 22 celebrity costumes is your favorite? Mine is Sean Parker dressed as Justin Timberlake because it reminds the world of what Sean Parker actually looks like, which is Carrot Top-y. -Movieline
  • There’s a bunch of Conan O’Brien art at the “New York Museum of Conan Art” right now, which is in Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center. There also a bunch of Conan art in this slideshow about it! -Uproxx