Is “Leaves” Baby Autumn’s Answer To “More Sand” Baby?

It’s not summer anymore. I know that because it is almost November, which is not a summer month, and also because they turned the heat on in my apartment over the weekend. This brings up a few concerns, like how am I going to remember not to touch the radior near the shower that I’ve made it a habit to touch? And how many new jackets that I don’t even like should I buy? And, finally, how am I going to allow myself to watch “More Sand” a few times every day when it’s not even seasonally appropriate? Although I don’t have a solution to the first two, I think my final concern can be solved if we could just find an appropriate baby for each season. Winter, for example, could either be “more snow” or “more scarves,” with a baby wrapped up in a lot of scarves — we’ve talked about this before. Spring could be, I don’t know. More flowers? I’m not sure about spring yet, but “more scarves” is absolutely dead on and you cannot take that away. And here is my submission for Autumn. (Note: The baby does not say anything. The baby only falls into leaves.)

MORE LEAVES! MORE SMILES! More sand. :( (Via SayOMG.)