What Is Joss Whedon’s New Top Secret Mystery Project?

It looks like Joss Whedon, in his moments away from directing The Avengers, has completed principle photography on a top secret film about a scuba diver who loves orange martinis. But how does he get the orange martinis, and does he sleep in the water or will he come out at some point? WE’LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE! Last night (Sunday) on Twitter, Firefly actors Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher tweeted a link ( that leads to a website announcing Whedon’s secret project and its cast (which includes Fillion and Maher, along with Dollhouse’s Fanz Kranz, BriTANicK’s Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, and a million more). From The Hollywood Reporter:

Some speculated that it might be his follow-up to the web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The obvious question, of course, is whether it is in fact some sort of adaptation of the William Shakespeare play. Meanwhile, [costume designer, Shawna] Trpcic answered some questions about the project on Sunday night but gave only vague answers. In response to the question “full-length film, short or web series?” she wrote: “Film ish not sure in what format he will release it.”

Uh, yeah, but we already know it’s about a scuba diver who loves orange martinis? That seems pretty clear. But then I guess what play is it based on? I don’t recall any play based on a scuba diver who looooves orange martinis, but to be honest I don’t know about every single play that exists. Or maybe it’s nothing at all, and it will only lead up to a book Joss Whedon is releasing titled Much Ado About Nothing where he discusses the role of media in the public’s reaction to film. And we’re going to be like, well, not entirely a new topic but we’ll take it, Joss Whedon, you certainly got us. Or maybe it’s just a made-for-TV movie that’s like a sci-fi Much Ado About Nothing + scuba. I don’t know, what do you think it is? TELL ME WHAT IT IS!