Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here is a photo of R. Lee Ermey, of Full Metal Jacket fame, knitting on an airplane. Nothing about this photo confuses me except for how tiny the thing he’s knitting is. What is he even doing? Does that count as knitting? It looks like sewing with two needles rather than one. Please someone tell me what he is doing. -FilmDrunk
  • Hahah, oh boy, as far as on-air news bloopers go this one isn’t the best (remember when the newscaster lady had a migrane and said all those weird things?) (and remember when they referenced it on 30 Rock?) (those were both the best!), but it’s certainly good enough. Yay bloopers! -TheDailyWhat
  • Courtney Stodden shopped her reality show to MTV recently and, while we’re on the subject of remembering things, remember when Gabe said her reality show should be just a hidden camera placed in their house so we could all see how they interact normally? That would be the best. That is everything I want. -TheSuperficial
  • I haven’t really wanted to talk about these pictures of Joey Lawrence working out (so please stop hounding me about it), but, what is WITH these pictures of Joey Lawrence working out?! Very weird photoshoot, Joey! “Whoa!” LOL. -Dlisted
  • Celebuzz has a video up with makeup tips for dressing like Twiggy and/or Lady Gaga for Halloween with a very silly model that you should definitely watch. We all look like Twiggies now! -Celebuzz
  • I can’t believe Freida Pinto and Dev Patel are still together. If they ever break up I will know that true love doesn’t exist and the end of the world is coming very soon. Just based on the fact that they’ve been together for some amount of years that I don’t know and that I keep forgetting about it. I rest my case. -JustJared
  • Hey guess what? PETA is mad about that dumb movie We Bought A Zoo. Link brought to you by Duh Aficionado Magazine. -Movieline
  • Batman and Robin/Walt and Jesse photo from -Buzzfeed