A Terrible Surprise From A Beautiful Man

I’m not sure if most of you know who Canadian model Rick Genest is, but before I saw this video I had 100% no idea who he was. It’s possible that he is a big Internet thing, though. It seems like he might be because he has ALL of the parts necessary to become an Internet thing. (Something weird about him + a website.) So I apologize if there are a lot of you out there who even DREAM about Rick Genest sometimes, because that’s how frequently he crosses your mind. But for the rest of us, it turns out he is a crazy person? I don’t want to ruin the gotcha surprise in this advertisement for Dermablend concealer, but part of the gotcha surprise is that someone should be looking out for Rick Genest. You poor thing, Rick Genest! Wipe that pout off of your face and take out those facial earrings and let’s get a coffee and talk! But please continue to wear the concealer because EEK!

Why did you do that to yourself, Rick Genest! We see our fair share of insane tattoos here, but this one is a life-changer! I know that I am pretty far to the anti-tattoo side, so maybe my disagreement with Rick Genest’s body choices so far in his life is a little biased, but my goodness. What a terrible reveal! At first I thought maybe he had a medical problem or something? Like a weird thing that had to stick out of his heart because his heart wouldn’t beat without it? And then I thought maybe it was one of those backwards videos, like when someone shaves a beard ONTO their face. But then I realized “how I judge a book” was incorrect. 4got to wash it off. Oh, Rick Genest. Now I see what all the pouting was about. Also I would like some Dermablend. (Via TheDailyWhat.)