The “John Travolta Was Snubbed By KFC” Game!

You know how when you’re a celebrity no request is ever denied? Like, you can call a restaurant and tell them you want to eat something and they say, “We don’t make that,” and you say something like, “It’s for Chris Klein,” and then they say, “Oh, well you didn’t mention it was for Chris Klein!” And then they buy the ingredients and make it? Well NOT SO for John Travolta, when he asked to reserve a table at KFC while visiting the UK! From the Daily Mail:

The actor was in West Sussex this weekend attending an annual Scientology event in East Grinstead. One of his representatives called the local KFC branch last Friday evening to ask if they could book a table for the Pulp Fiction star and his guests. But a member of staff who took the call turned the request down and said he would have to queue at the front like everyone else.

Queue at the front, like all of the NORMALS who want to fill themselves and their guests with fried chicken gristle? GROSS, NO THANK YOU. John Travolta, upon being denied, decided to skip KFC all together and head directly to his Scientology function. Tsk-tsk. You lost a good customer that day, West Sussex KFC. All because you wouldn’t put a sign on one of your Grease-coated tables saying it was reserved for John Travolta. Who knows where this story could’ve gone and how many other times KFC could’ve snubbed John Travolta, HAD this KFC accepted John Travolta’s request. Nobody knows! But we can imagine it for an INCREDIBLY FUN GAME! 

  • John Travolta and his guests enter KFC. They stand at the door for several minutes before John Travolta requests that one of his guests find the hostess. “Excuse me, ma’am,” the guest asks a customer. “Will the hostess be seating us soon?” The customer doesn’t respond. SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta and his guests enter KFC and see a blocked off section of tables covered in balloons. “Ah, here we are,” says John Travolta. He and his guests make their way to the table before they are stopped by a KFC employee. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Travolta. That’s for a child’s birthday party. Your area is over here.” The KFC employee directs them to a separate blocked off area with no balloons. SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta and his guests sit at their table and wait for their waiter. No waiter comes for hours. Where is the waiter? SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta wants the largest size of Popcorn Chicken they have. They only have one size of Popcorn Chicken and it isn’t very large. SNUBBED!
  • John Travolta wants honey mustard. They have to get some out of the back because they just ran out up front. John Travolta has to wait for over two minutes for honey mustard and when he gets it it seems chilled, which is not what he likes. SNUBBED!

This is my favorite game! Whoever invented this game is a genius! SNUBBED!