Jay-Z Is A Very Good Voice Actor! (NOT!)

After the jump, watch a preview clip from an upcoming educational cartoon about becoming a businessman starring Jay-Z and Warren Buffet. Neat! (The video is set to start playing automatically so headphones UP.) As you will see, Jay-Z really sounds like he phoned it in on this one. And I don’t mean that in the colloquial sense of being lazy and doing a bad job, I mean that he literally sounds like he is on a telephone. Probably leaving a voicemail? I wonder how many takes it took to get this scene just right, and by takes I mean voicemails. (Apparently one fewer voicemail than it would have required to have his character actually invite the children into the office.) Not that it’s entirely Jay-Z’s fault. I mean, we can all agree that the content is at least partly responsible. It’s hard to bring the character of yourself to life when it is in a cartoon in which a group of children has wandered into the hallways of your skyscraper because…Warren Buffet “punked” them…and then you wrap your arms around them and teach them all about how great being a businessman is by saying something to the effect of “it’s great being a businessman.” Sure. The ghost of Mel Blanc is like “lemme at ‘em. Now put ‘em up, put ‘em uuuuuup!”

Of course, we still do not know whether Warren Buffet is as good or better at voice acting than Jay-Z. We will find out, though! (Via Jonbershad.Tumblr.)