Batman Wins The Most Impressive And Honorable Award That There Even Is

We are all struggling to make sense of this life before we leave it, and while we might argue that everything should be in pursuit of happiness or at least contentment and at the very least understanding, getting recognized for your work while you are alive is nothing to sneeze at either. Awards can be very nice for the people who win them! It means you are not going unnoticed. And while not winning an award doesn’t mean that your work is without merit, winning an award is often a decent sign that you’re at least on the right track. But not all awards are the same. The Golden Globes aren’t the Oscars, for example. Little Toby can come home from Arts And Crafts And Snack Time Class with a big blue ribbon but that’s also not an Oscar. But an Oscar isn’t a Spike Scream Awards award for Most Anticipated Movie. Holy smokes. WHAT AN HONOR! From /film:

The Dark Knight Rises won the Most Anticipated Movie award at the Spike Scream Awards that taped over the weekend and air Tuesday night.

Right. Good award at a real awards show. I’m sure Christopher Nolan kept giving his thank you speech long after the band had started playing his exit music, because he damned sure wasn’t going to let them take this special moment from him. He earned it. Or he will have earned it (hopefully) in a year, or something? The only sad part about what was mostly an historic event was that Batman’s parents weren’t alive to be there. Rest in Piece, Gloria and Frankie Batman. Hopefully you are looking down on this from heaven and just being so proud.