Alec Baldwin Visits Occupy Wall Street And Gets Put On Blast!

GET HIM! GET ALEC BALDWIN! Hahaha. Ugh. This fucking video. I thought it was called Occupy Wall Street, not Occupy The Dormitory Courtyard. This is some straight up college freshman bullshit. “They’re out of chocolate milk, so now all I have to drink is orange juice, regular milk, orange soda, cola, root beer, Sprite, and water. Let’s go outside and smoke Djarums and shout!” Congratulations to this dude for majoring in History of the Fed, but also you demand that Alec Baldwin to deliver an endorsement of Ron Paul? WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT? It is also very intense how Alec Baldwin makes some pretty level-headed and rational arguments about how we need and should seek change but that we do not need to start abolishing integral pieces of the system left and right without an understandable plan for the post-abolishment future and one that seeks to maintain a healthy and supportable goverment, and this kid is just like “Well you saw what happened to Abraham Lincoln when they started printing the greenbacks.” Motherfucker, SIT DOWN. This would never happen to Rob Dyrdek. Christopher “Big Black” Boykin would just shove this clown right in his clown face. Seriously, though, what is happening in this video? I am going on and on about it because I am trying to figure it out but I am too stupid to do it. Are we against Alec Baldwin now? Did Alec Baldwin create capitalism and is he also in charge of Citigroup? Let me know. If that’s the case I’ll unfollow him on Twitter. #OccupyYourBed #OccupyGoToBed (Via GotchaMedia.)