The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

OH THANK GOD. I hope at least some of you feel the immense relief that I feel once it comes time to count down the top ten animal videos every week. Finally, I can talk about all of the things that I love so much that I’ve had to hold off on talking about for, what, 46 days? I forget how many days are in a week but it seems like last animal video countdown was about 46 days ago. Each week I try to pepper in a few informative animal videos with the the cute videos — videos of animals reading math textbooks to you, videos about what animals are made of, videos about where animals live — so this post isn’t EXCLUSIVELY about cute stuff. You know? We can all stand to learn a little bit too once in a while. That’s generally why I pepper in those videos that I just talked about that definitely exist and have been included in past lists because I’m not just making some weird joke that so far hasn’t gone anywhere and what am I even talking about anymore? This week, though, I hate to break it to you, we pretty much ONLY have cute animal videos to share. No science vids in this list. You’ll have to go back to your homepage for those. But here on Videogum, let’s put the cute vids into the list machine and watch them placed in scientifically correct order from cute to cutest!

10. Panda Eats An Apple

9. Kitten Uses Paw As A Pacifier

8. Kissing Red Pandas

7. Bear Cub In A Grocery Store

6. Tiny Monkey Licks The Camera

5. Corgie Vs. Halloween Spider

4. Baby Lion Eats Some Kind Of Meat Thing

3. Dog Teaches Baby to Fetch

2. Baby Elephant Doesn’t Know What Its Trunk Even IS At All

1. Dog Plays Fetch With Itself

Two fetch related videos in the top five? What is this, FETCH WEEK?! Yes, it is! The baby fetch video hit home with me both because I want a dog so bad and because I used to know this dog who lived in a house with a bunch of people, and immediately when you entered the home the dog would always bring a toy to you and drop it at your feet because everyone who lived in the dog’s house was sick of her doing that to them all the time so they’d just ignore it. But I would LOVE IT. And give in to it every time. Lion cub slurping the meat soup is clearly genius. Red pandas kissing each other only made it to number seven because I was honestly a little grossed out by it. GET A ROOM, RED PANDAS! Gross. You’re both gross. Bear cub in a grocery store was hilarious, right? Hahah. Oh, bear cub. And I think everything else is pretty self explanatory and most importantly CORRECT! YAY DOG PLAYING FETCH WITH ITSELF! CONGRATULATIONS!