Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Mindy Kaling was interviewed for the New Yorker’s Book Bench about her new book, etc.! “Read it.” -New Yorker
  • Who should play Steven Tyler in the Steven Tyler biopic, which is something that is going to exist? A scary witch? A pretty but very old lady? #BIRDIE? -Stereogum
  • I’m sure some of you must want to see all seven timelines from the “Remedial Chaos Theory” Community episode, sooo, here you go! -GotchaMedia
  • You’re going to be able to buy an electric Back the the Future Delorean soon? Will everyone not be happy until we just live inside the movie Back to the Future? That’s how much everybody loves it? -SlashFilm
  • The Dark Knight Rises may film a few shots of Occupy Wall Street soon. “We’re gonna need a bigger something to make this seem less legitimate.” -Batman voice. -THR
  • Speaking of, Vulture interviewed Penn Badgley and a lot of it is about Occupy Wall Street. He actually seems pretty well informed just kidding! -Vulture
  • How many of these characters can YOU recognize? I got all of them already so you can’t beat me. -BuzzFeed
  • Can you not even wait AT ALL for the Oscars and you already want to figure out how you’re going to vote in your Oscar pool? Why not check out FilmDrunk’s Oscar guide! All of my votes are going to Breaking Bad. That makes sense, right? Do I already win? -FilmDrunk
  • This kid is so GD excited about Angry Birds. -TheDailyWhat
  • “The Situation got kicked out of the Apple store for causing a situation.” That’s what this headline should be, what a missed opportunity. -TheSuperficial
  • This is your lip balm. -Dlisted
  • After yesterday’s announcement from Zachary Quinto, Salon has a piece about why it still matters when a celebrity comes out. -Salon
  • It’s weird how my opinion of Bradley Cooper has changed so much from since I only knew him as a person involved with Stella. Now I really don’t like him? I even get a little mad just seeing A PICTURE of him. Like this one, ladies. -Celebuzz
  • Katie Holmes is looking pretty cool on the cover of Marie Clair except for the face she’s making, but what I want to say about this is LOOK AT THE TIPS INCLUDED IN THE MAGAZINE! “End the hair drama!” “Get standout skin tonight!” “Be party-ready in five!” Those are honestly the top three things that would solve all my problems. $4 for a new life. -JustJared