Which One Of These Halloween Costumes Is The Coolest?

Halloween is right around the corner, guys! This would almost be a little sad if “ideas about what you’re going to be for Halloween” weren’t a totally acceptable year-round topic of conversation. But it is! So we don’t need to worry about that getting taken away from us. What we do need to worry about, though, is actually PICKING OUT a costume to wear on Halloween. We only have one and a half weeks left, basically! I don’t know about you, but these are my criteria:

  1. Cool

Oops! I thought I had more but, nope, that’s my only one. My criterion is that is must be cool. And I’ve pretty much whittled down my options to either an ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS Pac-Man head that has a moving mouth and may or may not make Pac-Man noises constantly, or an incredibly constricting Pixar logo guy that maybe can’t even see anything. Both very cool in a simple and classic way — just my style. But. WHICH ONE IS COOLER? Let’s see them in action, maybe that will help:


The Pixar Guy

Hmmmmm. That’s tough. A really close call here. If I were sure that the Pac-Man costume DID play the Pac-Man noises constantly, that would be a clear winner. But I almost think that it doesn’t? Though one could just carry around a tape recorder with a tape of the Pac-Man noises. Then again, having to jump around everywhere would be very cool, plus being able to do the head-tilt thing? C’mon. So I don’t know. WHICH ONE IS THE COOLEST? (Via BoingBoing and TDW.)