The Guns On Terra Nova Are Pretty Sick

Have you watched Terra Nova yet? I haven’t. I’ve been too busy petitioning Words with Friends to make “adorkable” a legal move. (Ding dong. New Girl joke!) Anyway, Terra Nova. I guess it’s based on the classic narrative conflict of Future Man vs. Nature Dinosaur. Klassik. Honestly, I don’t entirely understand how making 10 people live in a gazebo back in Flinstones times could possibly fix the future, unless we’re just talking Fringe season 1 finale, in which case I get it. Miss you, Twin Towers! Anyway, some nerd on Reddit (as if there is anyone else on Reddit, jk, GOTCHA REDDIT!) has pointed out that the plasma hover guns on Terra Nova look an awful lot like a Nerf gun that they just spray-painted:

Haha. “Now with Realistic Pew Pew SoundFX!” The trick is probably that you have to aim at the dinosaurs’ mouths, that way they choke on the nerf football when it goes in. The best part, of course, would be if they WEREN’T just spray-painting Nerf guns, and each of these props cost, like, $10,000. That would be the best part. For some reason, don’t worry about it, you get it. Also: Not the mamma!