Like Mah Status

Like mah status if you finally replaced your broken coffee maker! Like mah status if you had been making coffee in a French press while you were between coffee makers and there’s something to be said for that, obviously, because a French press makes very good coffee, but that you do appreciate being able to just turn on the coffee maker and leave the room and come back when you hear the beep that means you know the coffee is ready! Like mah status if one of your favorite moments of the day is getting that first cup of coffee and climbing back into bed for a few moments and your dog, who never used to sleep on the bed but has taken to doing so lately, will look at you like, what’s going on, and you are like “this is coffee and you can’t have any,” and then she will turn away from you but when you do set the coffee down and get back into bed she will curl up against your legs and it’s amazing! Like mah status if even that first cup of coffee is not quite enough, maybe, to help you with this video because it is still quite early in the morning, but you can appreciate the video, and you will come back to the video again later today when you’re more awake and mentally/emotionally prepared for the unrelenting onslaught that is the Internet! (Via Interweber.)