The Saddest Hollywood Lawsuit: A Man Claims The Hangover II Ripped Off His Life Story

Because the world is nothing if not balanced, last week’s perfect and uplifting Drive trailer lawsuit is now followed up with an imperfect and sad Hangover II lawsuit. Two sides of the coin. C’est la vie. So it goes. This guy, Michael Alan Rubin, is suing The Hangover II for allegedly stealing the plot of the movie from a script he wrote about his own terrible honeymoon in Thailand and India. I thought it sounded familiar! From The Hollywood Reporter:

According Rubin’s federal lawsuit, filed last week in Calfornia, he married a Japanese woman named Tamayo in 2007 in Japan. Together, the couple honeymooned in Thailand and India where differences started arising over Rubin’s financial condition. During the honeymoon trip, Tamayo refused to share a hotel room with the luckless plaintiff.

Rubin is suing for copyright infringement, misappropriation of his publicity rights, and defamation. On the latter claim, he believes the filmmakers suggested the inference that he was under the influence of drugs when he ditched his girlfriend and proposed to a male-to-female transexual prostitute.

It is true that I had already written off Michael Alan Rubin as a drug user after seeing him ditch his girlfriend and propose to a male-to-female transexual prostitute in The Hangover II, so it all really make sense and I hope he wins three kabillion dollars. GREAT LAWSUIT! But he can at least be grateful that he isn’t a part of THESE LAWSUITS:

  • Man suing Buffalo ’66 for Vincent Gallo looking just like him.
  • Man suing Memento for stealing all of his tattoo ideas.
  • Man suing Pi for the scene with the drill, because that was HIS thing that he does.
  • Man suing Drop Dead Fred for stealing his story about his relationship with a child he knows.
  • Man suing American Beauty for everything about it.
  • Man suing Transformers for taking his life away because now the only thing he cares about is Transformers.

YOU SEE? It could be worse, Michael Alan Rubin. Relax.