Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • There’s a lot of Scorsese stuff going on over at Harper’s Bazar for all of you Scorcrazies out there. First they have a bunch of actors sharing their own experiences with him, and then a photo gallery of a bunch of actors recreating some famous Scorcese scenes, including this Taxi Driver one with Chloë Moretz and Keanu Reeves. “Oh, fantastic!” -Scorcrazies  -HarpersBazar
  • Want to watch Macaulay Culkin lick Seth Green during a ComicCon panel? Aw sure you do, c’mon. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here are some charts from the planning of Community’s “Remedial Chaos Theory” episode. More like Remedial CONFUSING Theory. Right? Very good. -DanHarmon
  • Ten celebrities, including Stephen King, Gene Hackman, and Hugh Jackman, wrote letters to their sixteen-year-old selves as part of the book Dear Me. You can read some of them here! Stephen King’s is great. -Guardian
  • Charlie Day IS going to be hosting Saturday Night Live! Along with Jason Segal! And Emma Stone! GREAT! -EW
  • Nobody went to see The Big Year. The movie with Steve Martin and Jack Black and Owen Wilson? You know? They go on a trip? Aw, nevermind. Poor The Big Year. -FilmDrunk
  • Kelly Osbourne is calling Christina Aguilera fat because she called her fat first or something but now she’s saying that they’re both fat but she was never as fat as Christina or something I DON’T KNOW. Ladies! Quit it! -Dlisted
  • Gwyneth Paltrow looks nice in these photos of her children playing at a park! -TheSuperficial
  • David Fincher told Roony Mara to get drunk for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo pictures, after deciding that he wanted to cast her. Just that. -Celebuzz
  • I don’t really know what the Scream Awards are, but I can definitely guess from their title, and from the fact that Joe Manganiello won one for True Blood. They happened this past weekend! Also, PeeWee Herman won one! He’s the best! -JustJared
  • Salon has some thoughts on how TV has improved on The Walking Dead, as a comic series. Is it because Gabe didn’t recap the comic? Click to find out! -Salon