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OCCUPY BLOG STREET! Get it? I’m making a lazy joke that doesn’t even really make any sense and some might say does not actually constitute a joke, based on a genuinely meaningful and important people’s movement that is finally bringing into question some of the structures of capitalism that for so long have gone unexamined by people not locked behind closed doors and hidden by cigar smoke. Although, while my “joke” was stupid and kind of unnecessary, it’s certainly no worse than this video called “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street.” Really, boys? Good work. Close call. This protest almost came to its logical conclusion WITHOUT objectifying women. Phew. Let’s all take the weekend to celebrate this incredible and important accomplishment.

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#4 facetaco | Oct 13th Score:50

I like how she assumes that any woman, upon catching her husband looking at suggestive photos of a 16-year old, is going to immediately be upset with the underage girl.

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Kate Schmidt | Oct 13th Score:53

Well, that certainly is one way to interpret the situation. Also, and this might just be my super repressed midwestern lutheran upbringing leaking through, but if my mother ever described me as sexy I would set myself on fire. That just seems weird! Whatever happened to backhanded compliments, like “You could be so pretty if you did your makeup and cut your hair”. Moms today, sheesh.

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Jeremy Donovan | Oct 10th Score:62

I like this callback to an earlier episode

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#1 facetaco | Oct 12th Score:85

To me, the most insane part of this story is when Hugh Jackman implies that he got out of his seat to go to the bathroom.

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: Spot on, facetaco! A perfect Hugh Jackman pees his pants joke. You should be proud, for real. Jeremy Donovan, I didn’t pick up on that during the episode but then saw it in the comments and then on the internet and it is craaaaazy. I can’t imagine that it is something that was really planned? But then again maybe it must have been. Who knows. Great show. The rest of you: Also very good. Enjoy your victory weekend. “Treat Yourself.”]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment


Aaron Cunningham | Oct 11th Score:-9
This is sofa king stupid… 

Kanye West doesn’t have the right to go to Occupy Wall Street now? Really? And Kanye West is being criticized for something Russell Simmons said? As clear as I can tell, Kanye didn’t say a word during that piece, and didn’t even nod while Russell was talking about how inevitable it was that Kanye would have to do a media appearance that basically involved him not saying anything.

But I get it, Kanye is an easy target. Kanye is gonna get more pageviews than Russell Simmons. So let’s call Kanye out for something he didn’t say while doing something that theoretically everyone wanted Radiohead to do last week. #bitchplease

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[Ed. Note: I don’t know why this was the lowest rated comment this week, because I mostly agree with you. Perhaps it was your use of the word “bitch,” which was probably unnecessary. Or your comment about Radiohead, because that’s actually just nonsense. Everyone likes Radiohead and everyone likes Kanye West, they’re not sitting at two opposite ends of any spectrum. It’s all wildly successful and accessible pop music. That being said, there was a lot of criticism on the Internet of Kanye’s appearance at the rally that I think was way more misguided than this criticism. Like, people were really upset that he wore expensive clothing and gaudy jewelry, as if somehow he was supposed to hide the fact that he’s an internationally famous multi-millionaire. And the one point that you didn’t make that I think is the most important is that Kanye West is in no way even remotely responsible for the thing that Occupy Wall Street is protesting. He’s not behind the pan-global machinations of capitalist greed, and although he has more money than most people, it’s not due to amoral market manipulations. (Not to mention the fact that Occupy Wall Street shouldn’t be, and I don’t think anyone really thinks it is, about individual wealth. There are certainly “criminals” in this system, but it’s the system itself that needs re-evaluating. Picking one person or another to complain about is going to take a long time and make things VERY confusing.) But what Russell Simmons said ON BEHALF OF KANYE WEST was actually completely wrong and kind of a stupid/bad message to put out there. And Kanye didn’t interrupt him and say, Hey, no, please don’t put those words in my mouth. He continued to not say anything. So the idea that somehow this is not open for criticism is ridiculous. It totally is. So what are you talking about? Something something Fleet Foxes, bitch.]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

[Ed. Note: Congratulations, Steve Winwood! You earned it.]

This Week’s Associate Editor’s Choice

Jeb | Oct 12th Score:17

“Uh, yeah, we just call them baths.” -That Monkey

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: This was a great comment in response to a great video. The monkey bath video. Maybe we should all go and watch the monkey bath video again? Just one more time. What the hell, right? Come on. Come on, Jeb.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

Funtastik | 9:47am Score:2
All the panties in the club go “GUSH!” 


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[Ed. Note: This comment is gross. It makes me laugh a lot. CONGRATS!]