Sleeping States Make For Great End-Of-Summer Bike Rides

This is what happens when you blog in the waning days of summer: you run out of things to blog about. Then you start watching random YouTubes of artists you haven’t heard from in awhile, which usually leads to hours of aimless trolling, and occasionally leads to something like this. We first heard from Markland Starkie aka Sleeping States back in ’06 when he was 23 and put out the lovely “Rivers” single; now he’s probably 25 and hasn’t really put out much of anything since. Anyway, this clip sets SS’s cooing, rambling “Memory Games” to a grainy, POV bike ride through the sunny hills of Hillsborough, to instantly vintage and sublime effect. It isn’t an official video: The 10-minute clip is a nostalgic document of a day with a father, but in the end it plays like a perfect paean to the end of summer.

So pretty. In case you need a refresher:

Sleeping States – “Rivers” (MP3)

Both “Memory Games” and “Rivers” comes from Markland’s There The Open Spaces, which you should probably go find sometime soon if you don’t have it already. Sleeping States, where you at?