Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate put out a new episode of Bestie by Bestie and it’s perfect, just like all of the other episodes of Bestie by Bestie. -BxB
  • Uproxx is trying to tell us that the chocolate cake that the boy had to eat in Matilda is one of the 10 most disgusting meals in cinematic history. Uhhh, Uproxx? We all know that that cake looked amazing. This list is absurd and I’m only on number 9. -Uproxx
  • I know that we don’t like her and that there’s some controversy surrounding her baby that is none of our business, but: Look at how cute January Jones’ baby is!!!! -Dlisted
  • Vulture interviewed a few members of the cast of The League. Watch it! It’s a video. -Vulture
  • Lindsay Lohan is looking very much not ok. I know that I talk about being worried about young starlets a lot, but that’s because I am worried about them! This one specifically right now! -TheSuperficial
  • Here is a video of a bunch of dudes doing basketball trick shots and then also trick shots with frisbees in basketball hoops? I don’t know. LOTS of trick shots. -TheDailyWhat
  • Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger movie is back on, but unfortunately it won’t include the one thing you were looking forward to the most! Out of all the things you were looking forward to with that movie, which are a lot of things! -FilmDrunk
  • Here is an interview with the man of all of our dreams, Adam Scott. He dresses so well on Parks and Recreation! Everyone should dress like he does. With clothes that fit. Don’t even get me started. -GQ
  • Ahh, it’s the final installment of Vince Gilligan walking us through season 4 of Breaking Bad! I’ll miss you, this feature! -AV Club
  • Alec Baldwin is going to have a podcast and he’s going to interview people! COOL. On “WNY…C-cCCc-cccCC.” -Radiolab impression. -WNYC
  • Splitsider talked to OUR Joe Mande about “standup, writing, and tormenting celebrities on Twitter.” GREAT! Read it read it read it. -Splitsider
  • Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones teamed up for GLAAD PSA. There are also a million other people in it, like Shaq! -JustJared
  • Guess who Kristen Stewart thinks is “the most compassionate person on earth.” GUESS. I’ll give you two clues: It’s a character she’s going to be playing and also it’s not a person who exists. -Celebuzz