Here Is A Photo Of Jon Hamm Dressed As Don Draper On The Set Of The New Season Of Mad Men, Girls

Happy birthday, womyn! Apparently it is your birthday, because how else to explain getting the one thing you’ve wanted more than anything else for your whole lives: photos of Jon Hamm in his Don Draper Halloween costume on the set of the new season of Mad Men?! It’s everyone’s birthday that is the only way to explain it. All your birthday cycles have aligned. Anyway, enjoy it. Tomorrow, it’s BACK TO WORK. But today all your wishes are coming true. Three more pictures after the jump:

Ugh, don’t you just wish that YOU were the one who was looking at him like the misogynistic, womanizing, philandering, emotionally unavailable piece of shit that he is? IF ONLY, AM I RIGHT?! A girl can dream. And also all the girls can dream. Apparently. (Via ONTD.)