Joel Schumacher Says Val Kilmer Was “The Best Batman,” Do You Agree?!

At a recent press conference for his latest movie, director Joel Schumacher (Phone Booth, Phone Booth 2) somehow ended up discussing his powerful work with the Batman franchise. He is basically the Terrence Malick of Batman, I’m sure. Anyway, he “took full responsibility” for Batman and Robin, whatever that means. Like an apology? Do you make a full apology for Batman and Robin? Because that movie hurt people. And then he said this:

“For me, Val Kilmer was the best Batman.”

AY-AY-AY. Well this certainly raises an interesting question. Namely, is there anyone else in the whole world who agrees with Joel Schumacher and also what the hell is Joel Schumacher even talking about and also is there a script for Phone Booth 3 when is Phone Booth 3 coming out because everyone’s very excited about Phone Booth 3 and the fans would like some answers?! Anyway for the sake of Batman-related scientific inquiry, please take our brief poll to determine whether or not Joel Schumacher is alone in the universe or if there are other Joel Schumachers out there:

[poll id=”12″]

Before you cast your final vote, may I submit the following into evidence:

Where does he get such wonderful POLLS?! (These are good jokes, I hope someone is writing these down.)