Worlds Been Had Colliding: Mark Ruffalo And Gwyneth Paltrow Edition

Historically, the “Worlds Been Had Colliding” feature tends to deal with genuinely disparate-seeming celebrities coming together in some unexpected way. Like, “Oh look, Russell Crowe is making beats on Garage Band with the cat from those weird Friskies commercials,” or whatever. And in this case, there’s almost nothing even remotely surprising about two very famous actors working together on the set of their new movie (Thanks For Sharing). Of course they are! It’s called work, and everybody has to do it, because God said so. But I will say two things about this photo:

1. I’m not sure if you could find two more disparate people on the spectrum of self-awareness. On the left, you have one of the most deeply narcissistic, self-involved, completely out of touch “human beings” on the planet. On the right you have a dude who lives in the Catskills and marches on capital buildings to protest frakking. I don’t actually know Mark Ruffalo, and anyone who actually wants to play make believe in movies for a living is probably at least a little bit broken, but he’s the best even if Kelly hates You Can Count On Me, and I would like to maintain my image of him as a man of sincere integrity. Thanks.

2. Dudes, NOTHING IS EVEN GOING ON TODAY! If you look up “slow news day” in the dictionary there’s nothing there because a dictionary is a serious reference guide and why don’t you treat it with the respect it deserves, but if there were something there it would be a photograph of this day (good photograph).

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