The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: On The Set Of The Expendables 2

Hahahaha. OH LOOK, ALL OUR OLD FRIENDS, JUST HANGING OUT IN A MILITARIZED AIRPLANE HANGAR! These guys. What is even UP, dudes? You’ve got the one who looks all dressed up and ready to hit the Benihana out by the airport (nice belt OVER the Hawaiian shirt, too, by the way, gurrl). You’ve got Mr. Cool Vest and Mr. Big Watch (same guy) pretending like he is tough even though his face is COVERED in ladies’ make up (but whose isn’t?). And then you’ve got Bruce Willis wearing his traditional Emma Watson brand BodyScarf™ ready to discuss the latest mimeographed copy of Ken Keasey’s manifesto out on the quad. Boys! You’re amazing! Never change! You never do! Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted this photo, fresh from his trip to Austria to dedicate the museum about his childhood bed. Doesn’t it just get you pumped for The Expendables 2? All the action! All the excitement! All the millionaires pushing 70. (I did the math, and 56 year old Bruce Willis actually lowers the average age of this group by five years. Not a joke.) Just so pumped. Stay tuned for ALL THESE GUYS’S next move. So? Caption this photo. If u r tuff enufff.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and as an additional prize will NOT have to go see The Expendables 2.