This Week In GIFs

You know what I never come across in my search for GIFs every week? Whitney GIFs. Where’s everyone hiding all the Whitney GIFs?! Just kidding. There aren’t any Whitney GIFs (to my knowledge, the knowledge that has never searched for them) because that isn’t a show that anybody likes. Or at least anybody who makes GIFs. I guess people probably do like it because it got picked up for a whole season. Hard to believe, though, when you’re scanning the GIF scene, which is my away message on AIM pretty much 24/7. Aaaaaaand, ok! GIFS! TGIF!

Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL and some of the sketches were VERY GOOD!

The second to last Breaking Bad episode premiered and people had a lot to say about it!

Arrested Development will probably come back!

Russell Brand pulled a terrible prank!

Johnny Depp talked about being raped!


We all agreed not to buy the Drive jacket!

And finally, TV happened!!