Watch An Adorable Little Girl Make Us All Feel Like We Were Ungrateful Children

I don’t know about you, mainly because I am just typing on a screen and am not talking to an actual person, but I have a very hard time acting like I like gifts when the person who gave me the gift is looking at me open the gift. Even if I LOVE whatever the gift is, there is always so much pressure to act like I like it that I generally tend to only seem like I absolutely hate it, whatever it is. I am very envious of people who aren’t like this. HOW DO THEY DO IT? They should all be actors, just based on how they’re able to act like how they’re actually feeling. The girl in this video is included in that group. She even says, “How did you know I wanted this? How did you know!?” and only slightly sounds like she’s BSing. And she’s certainly is not, I don’t think, because she is a six-year-old. But then she goes from being a very good gift receiver to being not only the best gift receiver on Earth, but also the best child on Earth oh my goodness TAKE A LOOK.

Oooooohhhh my goodness. I’m sorry that ALL of you are crying now, and all of you had to excuse yourselves to the bathroom and then stay in there for longer than you thought because you couldn’t stop crying, and you ruined your shirt and all your makeup and now everyone’s going to think something is actually wrong with you, but no one will want to say anything to you about it so you’ll just be the topic of a bunch of private conversations. I’M SORRY! But it was worth it though, right? Pretty cute, huh? Hahah, remember when she got the Oreos and was so excited about them? My gosh. This gal! (Thanks for the tip, Funtastik!)