Dan Humphrey Is Part Of The 99%: A Gossip Girl Deleted Scene


Dan walks into the kitchen with his head cocked to the side and sighs. His face makes it look like he’s playing out a conversation with someone in his head and he’s confused about it, but he isn’t doing that, he’s just making that kind of face for no reason like he always does even though it never makes any sense. He walks to the waffle iron. Should he make waffles? Hmmmm, I don’t know, SHOULD he make waffles? He pauses for a moment and picks up a copy of the New Yorker. He was chosen as the New Yorker’s Best Writer and this month’s entire issue is devoted to him. He is appreciative but thinks the whole idea is silly, he wouldn’t even have a copy of the magazine had Vanessa not slipped it under his window while he was asleep. He glances at the cover before throwing the magazine down and shrugging:

We Humphries love our waffles.

He picks up a bag of flour and dumps it into a bowl and starts mixing it with a wooden spoon, just mixing, mixing, mixing the flour. And then — BLAIR ENTERS!



Blair walks into Dan’s apartment while Dorota crawls in behind her. Dorota is carrying a sign on her back and a slightly comedic pained expression.


Do they not have KNOCKING on the Upper East Side?


Ha-ha, Dan. I have a favor to ask.

Dorota stands and brushes herself off. Blair shoots her an annoyed glance. Dan continues to mix the flour.


You’re poor, correct?

Dan looks a Blair like, “Classic Blair.” But the undeniable truth now and throughout each season of Gossip Girl is that, yes, he is poor. He glances around his destitute Williamsburg apartment, overlooking the bridge, and shakes his head to himself — perhaps not even realizing that others can see. He is ashamed.


Yes, Blair.


Well I [for some reason having to do with either a story for a magazine or some sort of society group she wants to join or something else that makes more sense] need to get this sign to the Occupy Wall Street rally. Will you do that?

Dan, like Blair pretty much, has never heard of the Occupy Wall Street rally and it shows for a brief moment on his face. He tries to read the sign. “Bring back tho…Glass Stagee II AcII … No to cokorate Sreed!” He doesn’t know what it means but for some reason he is in love with Blair this season still and kind of never seems to have anything better to do than interfere with her business and offer to RUN AWAY WITH HER, so:


Fine, Blair. But you owe me.



Dorota kneels before Dan and Dan gets on her, like a piggy back ride, and they ride off to Wall Street.


A VERY GOOD SCENE! I don’t know why they deleted it. (Photo via Gawker.)