Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Want to play a depressing game? Guess which celebrity is younger! Here is a hint: They are mostly all younger than you think, and a surprising amount will make you feel terrible about your own age and accomplishments! -Celebuzz
  • Want to read Kirsten Dunst humblebrag about her big boobs? “Oooh, it’s soo terrible having THE BIGGEST boobs. You couldn’t even imagine.” – Kirsten Dunst, basically. -FilmDrunk
  • Awww, check out this dumb little baby flower girl. You’re so dumb, baby! That’s where the flowers are supposed to go! -TheDailyWhat
  • Sean Young would like you to hire her and would also like you to know that she is NOT crazy. -Dlisted
  • Here is a great interview with Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad’s Mike) in which he talks about past roles he’s had. Read it!! -AV Club
  • Chris Pratt gave his cat up for adoption via Twitter and lots of cat people were piiiiiiisssssed (puuurrrrrrsssed). Here is his response. -Movieline
  • Salon makes the case for NOT bringing Arrested Development back. -Salon
  • Blake Lively is single, FELLAS! Also, ladies, are you watching Gossip Girl? Can you even believe that B is still P? -TheSuperficial
  • Oooh, also, fellas, check out these Mad Men “vintage Playboy covers.” Quick! Hide your computers under your beds! -BuzzFeed
  • Could Kristen Wiig be leaving SNL after this season? Man I hope not! As a side note, do you think I should be Gilly for Halloween? -HuffingtonPost