The Coen Brothers TV Show Movie Quotes Game

Hey, I have some news. [Ed. Note: Should “Hey, I have some news” be the way I introduce every post? Compelling enough do you think, or slightly too compelling? Let me know.] The Coen Brothers, along with Cedar Rapids writer Phil Johnson, are creating an hour long-comedy for Fox called Harve Karbo! That could be good? I’ve liked Coen Brothers things in the past, I’m sure we pretty much all have at least liked a few Coen Brothers things in the past. If not all their things. I mean, you know, not their THINGS. Their movies. Gross, you are gross. This is what it’s going to be about, from The Hollywood Reporter:

The Imagine TV project, the brothers’ first foray into television, revolves around a touchy Los Angeles private investigator — and his deadbeat friends in El Segundo — whose cases frequently force him to cross paths with a who’s who of Hollywood.

So Bored to Death kind of? Kind of sounds like Bored to Death. BUT! I’m sure it will be different. Different enough, at least. I AT LEAST don’t think they’re casting Jason Schwartzman so we’re probably fine. In order to celebrate, why not play the funnest game you’ve ever heard of? Changing famous Coen Brother movie quotes into quotes about television? GREAT!

  • “You know, TV. For kids.”
  • “Coen Brothers, you’re out of your element (film)!”
  • “I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your detective work, there, star of the new Coen Brothers TV show Harve Karbo.”
  • “What’s the most you ever lost on a television toss?”
  • “Sometimes it’s a hard world for TV shows.”
  • “The dude abides to the notes.”

So fun! Let’s play forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!