Werner Herzog Is Going To Play The Villain In An Upcoming Tom Cruise Movie

This is pretty exciting news! Werner Herzog has been cast as the villain in the upcoming Tom Cruise movie One Shot, based on the book by Lee Child! Werner Herzog is absolutely the best, I don’t know why he isn’t cast as the villain in every movie. From Slashfilm:

Herzog will be playing a twisted old figure known only as the Zec — he’s the big bad of the film. … In the book, many of the character’s early appearances are only via phone. Casting Herzog means that the film can adopt that approach and have the character established through Herzog’s rich, distinctive voice. Whether that’s how the script is written we don’t know, however.

Perfect. There’s a good chance I still won’t be seeing the movie because I don’t even see movies that ARE in my movie-viewing wheelhouse, but that sounds perfect anyway. Speaking of his voice, why didn’t any of us mention Werner Herzog in the Mr. Ed post? HELLO? Do we have our brains on today? I can’t believe we all showed up today without our brains on, AGAIN.  Obviously Werner Herzog should also be the voice of Mr. Ed. So congratulations to all of us on Werner Herzog getting cast in this movie and future Werner Herzog definitely getting cast as the voice of Mr. Ed. Things are looking up!