How Is Texts From Last Night Going To Be A TV Show?

These days, hearing that a novelty blog or Twitter account is going to be made into a television show is basically the same as hearing about how a movie that has already been remade eleven times is going to be remade a twelfth time, concurrent with the thirteenth remake of the same movie. Genius business as usual. And in the case of something like Shit My Dad Says, you could pretty much tell where they were going with the TV show version. There was at least a character. But now they’re (“they’re”) going to make a Texts From Last Night TV show? What could that EVEN POSSIBLY BE? From Deadline:

Fox has tapped Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta to develop a half-hour comedy based on the infamous blog Texts From Last Night. Happy Madison and Sony Pictures TV are producing. The network, Happy Madison and Sony TV first took a stab at developing a comedy based on the Web site two seasons ago with Steve Holland as the writer. Last season, it was redeveloped with different writers, Marc Abrams and Michael Benson. Now a new take will be written by Horta.

Oooh, so no one knows? No one knows how to make this a TV show. Everyone in Hollywood has taken a stab at making this blog about drunken text messages into a TV show and they’ve all failed. Well first of all, please keep trying. Never give up the dream. There are at least thirty billion dollars to be made with the TFLN franchise. Second of all take a look at these options:

  • A guy runs a blog about drunken text messages and in every episode he falls in love with a woman who sends in a drunken text message for the site, but almost every time it’s just his younger brother playing a prank. “Will it just be his younger brother again?” everyone will wonder. There will be a lot of tension and every episode you’ll hope that he finds love, but almost always he will just find his younger brother. When it’s not his younger brother, the person is always at first upset because they thought the site was anonymous.
  • A person keeps getting drunken text messages sent to their phone. “WHY DO I KEEP GETTING THESE” they’ll ask every episode. Then on the series finale you’ll find out that their phone number was accidentally advertised on the “Texts From Last Night” blog.
  • A woman sends a drunk text to a guy and they fall in love, then the series is about the highs and lows of their relationship. They have the fights and their problems, but you can tell there’s a lot of love there and they have a good way of working through stuff together.
  • A reality show where the cast is forced to get drunk or high and text each other.
  • A person can’t stop sending non-sober texts, every single night. They have a very serious substance abuse problem but it is set to a laugh track. An interesting mix.
  • A young girl sends a drunk text to her mom and gets grounded for the entirety of high school. The series follows her relationship with her mother, first enemies and then best friends.
  • A reality show where a person is shown all of their drunk texts in front of a panel of their loved ones.

OOPS! Looks like somebody just out-Hollywood-ed Hollywood. Please send me my billions in $10s.