Cute Star Wars Kid Reaches Across The Aisle

The Internet is a bottomless source of Star Wars. I can’t even image what it’s like to log onto the Internet as a Star Wars fan every day. It’s probably like Christmas and your birthday combined and all of your friends have gotten together to make you a really special memory book, where each of them really took a lot of time to write about a great memory they had with you in the past and maybe they also illustrated it, or pasted in pictures. “Could life GET any better?” – Star Wars fans every single day. (I’m pretty sure they’re never unhappy about anything Star Wars related? All good things, always happy about them.) Generally I don’t care about Star Wars things because they’re not my kind of things — we’re all aware enough of this, I won’t get into it. But there are some times when a Star Wars thing crosses over into the realm of things I DO care about, namely cute things that you can enjoy in thirtyish seconds. Which is NOT what she said, but it is what I just said. This, a boy reacting to a SERIOUS Star Wars spoiler, is an example of one of those things. PUT ON YOUR CUTEMETS! (Cute helmets!)

Hahah, awww. So cute. So psyched. I can’t wait to tape my kids reaction to every single movie they ever watch. Namely I can’t wait for Fight Club, Se7en, The Sixth Sense, and Brown Bunny. That’s going to be the best. A lot of preserved memories. (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)