Got My Girl #Swag On!

WELCOME BACK! Starting the week off right with an Ark Music Factory little girl music video. Perfect. And this one is even more appropriate than usual (usually they are very appropriate) because there is going to be a lot of #girlswag going on here this week, I wanted to let you know. It’s gonna be pretty heavy on the #girlswag — pretty heavy on the #meswag. It’s gonna be great! I’m excited. I’m posing the exact way that the girl is at the end of the music video and will be posing that way all week. I’m just glad we all found this jam in time for it. So chill out, queue this beat up on your stereos, put it on infinite loop, and PUT YOUR SEAT BELTS ON! “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.” No, just kidding! It’s not going to be bumpy, you don’t have to put them on if you don’t want to. Though you never know, and you’re better off safe than sorry, so I think maybe just keep them on. You might as well? You already put them on. But don’t be worried. You’re the best. You all brought helmets, right? Where are your helmets?

This is already going very well. #girlswag (Via ONTD.)