Saturday Night Live: Melissa McCarthy And Lady Antebellum

It was wonderful to see our old pal Sookie St. James representing Stars Hollow on Saturday Night Live this week! Rory and Loreli are probably so proud, and don’t even get me started on how proud Jackson must be. Luke is proud but silent, I’m sure, and Jess is probably acting like he doesn’t even care but then you see him watching SNL alone at night and you’re like, aww, he cares. Wonderful, just wonderful. I thought this episode was great, actually! There was kind of a theme running through each of the great sketches, and that theme was basically “watch how much Melissa McCarthy is willing to go for it.” And I thought I’d maybe tire of that. But I did not! The taste-tester sketch is maybe one of my favorite SNL sketches of all time. BOOM. Watched it twice right away. “Can you Garlic Ranch Blast me now?” Hahah. I can’t stop laughing just THINKING ABOUT IT. “Why don’t you come upstairs and see me up there sometime” is absolutely hilarious as well. Lots of good quotes from this one. Goooooood quotes. Ok, let’s talk about some sketches in particular.

The Lawrence Welk cold open was great, of course. I was excited the moment I knew what was going on. I said “YES!” out loud. Cool, right? Pretty cool. Kristen Wiig’s tiny hands character is so great and I love her so much.

I thought the monologue was kind of a dud, unfortunately. I love Kristen Wiig doing anything, especially dancing, so it wasn’t the worst thing. But it also was kiiiiiind of close to the worst thing?

The Arlene sketch was one of those “how far is Melissa McCarty going to go” sketches that we were talking about earlier. It was so good though! It didn’t really even matter that much that it went on for a very long time, which it kinda did.

I’m sure we were all excited to see that they finally had a sketch FOR US. The internet comments talk show sketch! IT EVEN MENTIONED ACTUAL VIRAL VIDEOS! This sketch wasn’t particularly great, unfortunately, but it did hit close to home. So here we are.

TASTE TEST SKETCH! Oh my goodness. This is just absolutely the best. God, Melissa McCarthy is so good here! “Can we get her out of here?” “25$, get me out of one jam?” And the way she puts her hand around her eye when she does the “Can you Garlic Ranch Blast me now?” line? Perfect. Also the end is incredibly disgusting! Can’t get enough of this sketch. I may watch it again right now.

The friends of Moammar Gaddafi segment during Weekend Update was great. It was silly and fun and new, especially compared with the very “Weekend Update”-y Tyler Perry segment that followed it.

The digital short was very bad! You certainly can’t win them all, and there were a lot of winners during this episode, but the digital short was just one of the ones that did not win. Oh well! Sorry, digital short! You’ll get them next time I hope!

This week there is also a web exclusive “Message From Netflix” sketch that is pretty great. I wonder if the Netflix guys are excited that they were parodied on SNL or if they are even more embarrassed than they maybe already were. Does anyone know them? Can they email me and tell me?

Next week: Ben Stiller and Foster the People!