The Week In GIFs

I have to admit, the “Week In GIFs” has gotten a bit more exciting for me now that our stories are back on TV. They produce so many amazing GIFs! I almost feel sorry for the shows we loved in the years before GIFs were very popular. I bet they would’ve produced some classic GIFs as well. Like remember the “PIVOT” scene from Friends? That would have been a great GIF. Not that it can’t still be made into a GIF. I’m just saying no one is trading that GIF around being like, “Check it out, from last night, remember? HAHAHAHAH.” Which is what it deserves. Oh well. Can’t look back, I guess. Just have to move forward. That is, as much as looking at GIFs of things that happened in the past few days is moving forward. So let’s do that.

Saturday Night Live came back and Alec Baldwin hosted!

Breaking Bad was very very depressing and anxiety inducing, even more than normal!

Patti Stanger STILL needs to rest her case!

There’s a Twin Peaks video game you can download, if that sounds fun!

Damon Lindelof explained how Lost was kind of bullshit!

Andy Rooney’s news segment is dead!

Anderson Cooper tried spinach and coffee for the first time!

Dane Cook is getting a sitcom on NBC, of course!